Educating Home Inspectors

OED17 TCarson 20170305_090304Whether you are searching for a home inspector or you’d like to be a home inspector it’s helpful to understand how they are educated.

Since 1994 members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) must adhere to education requirements, which are ongoing and mandatory. Home inspection programs are available through community colleges via OntarioLearn. A few private educators also run programs.

Throughout the year, OAHI offers additional training including at its annual education conference, which will be held this year in London, Ont. March 2-4 at the Four Points by Sheraton London. Home inspectors can participate in mock inspections mentored by Registered Home Inspectors (RHIs), learn about the new tools available in their industry, participate in sessions from Tarion, roofing, using infrared cameras, mould, HVAC and more: 16 sessions in total. They can learn about best practices from experienced RHIs.

OAHI members must earn 20 continuing education units per year to maintain their membership. The Regional Meeting Groups offer some of those credits, as does the Conference. Continuing education not only helps foster better inspectors it is good for homebuyers. Continuing education informs OAHI members about the new technologies and techniques available in order to maximize their use for homebuyers.

Some of the other ongoing education home inspectors can take throughout the year include: Defect Recognition and Reporting, Complying with Energy Efficiency Codes in Ontario, Ontario Electrical Code Safety Update, Thermography, reporting software and more.

As building codes and construction methods change it is important that home inspectors stay current, through ongoing education. New tools and software to make their job and your home inspection experience more thorough are also being developed, so it is important home inspectors are taught how to use them.

All homebuyers are encouraged to ask their inspector about their training at the interview stage and on-site. If your home has specific issues ask if they have the requisite training and how recent is that training.


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