Mentorship Cafe at the OAHI Education Conference

OED19 Mentorship CafeFor the third consecutive year, the Mentorship Café will return to this year’s OAHI Education Conference in Kingston. We are thrilled to have a group of highly respected and experienced inspectors who have volunteered their time to act as mentors at this year’s conference.

“I participate in the Mentorship Café because I have always had mentors throughout my career that I could look up to and ask for advice when needed,” says Alden Gibson, RHI, a mentor.

The Mentorship Café made its inaugural debut at the 2017 OAHI Education Conference and its objective was to provide a place where inspectors with varying levels of expertise and experience could come together in a relaxed environment to discuss any home inspection issues and concerns with seasoned inspectors and past presidents. This objective continues to be the premise in which the Mentorship Café operates today.

“Being able to get advice from a seasoned inspector is an invaluable asset to an inspectors tool box,” Alden added.

We recommend that you come prepared with questions in order to maximize your time and benefit from the mentors. Some inspectors in past years have brought in photos of defects they found on site and discussed them with the mentors. The bottom line here is to not be shy; there really are no silly questions in the Café and the mentors genuinely want to assist you with your questions.

“We are all colleagues and can learn from each other. Seasoned mentors have gone through the test of time and that information that is passed on can really benefit our new inspectors if they want to take advantage of the knowledge,” Alden said.


This year, we are pleased to mention that we will improve the mentorship experience by introducing an espresso and biscotti station. What a wonderful way to discuss home inspection issues and relax with a small treat as you have a one on one conversation with our mentors.

“I participate in the Mentorship Café to assist my colleagues  in growing their business. Helping them to be better inspectors to assist the public,” Alden said. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to register for the OAHI Education Conference

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