More musings from the Anonymous RHI

I just completed the online survey regarding changing the laws governing real estate in Ontario, I think all home inspectors should. Thanks to OAHI for keeping us informed, sending the announcement to inspector professionals and for making the online link work! A simple clink in the third paragraph of the recent OAHI eblast “ON Government Launches Consultations to Modernize Real Estate Laws” and off I went answering some basic and decent questions. It took just a few minutes. Let’s see where this consultation takes us.

The upcoming OAHI Education Conference is another good work by OAHI. I’ve heard that the hotel is getting busy and the OAHI block of rooms is gone on Feb 11. I also understand that the rest of the rooms may be filled with young hockey players and their parents, supports and coaches. Well it’s a big hotel and it is winter in Canada; Kingston’s got a hockey culture and some good rinks. Me, I like hockey, I hope they have a good tourney!

The Education Conference offsite tour is almost full, they’ve restricted it to 30 participants. Its being organized by inspector par excellence Terry Carson, RHI and with help from mentors David Hellyer, Darcy McLeod, Bob Brander and Leigh Gate. That’s a lot of knowledge. The morning site is a new build at Tamarack Homes and concentrates on what info is necessary for a PDI. Tarion helped arrange this inspection and is providing two experienced staff to guide the process. After sandwiches the afternoon site is a typical Kingston residential home – who knows, the owners kids may play hockey! Then it’s a debriefing back at the hotel led by Terry.

The conference is shaping up to be great! I’ll be there.

The Anonymous Inspector

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