The “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” are here… make sure they’re healthy too

beach-1867271_1920Summertime…the season most of us love, with memories to treasure and plans to anticipate. Maybe you have traditions— cottage time, events, hobbies or trips. Or maybe you’re planning something new this year. Either way, we hope you put safety and health at the top of your list. Yes, we know. You’ve heard ‘summer safety tips’ many times. Here’s our take on some of the reminders we all need— every year.

Take care of yourself

sunscreen-1461332_1920Of course you use sunscreen. It’s a given. But did you know it’s not only the SPF factor that counts? Yes, you should consider whether you’re walking 10 minutes to lunch or spending hours on the deck. What matters just as much is how you apply it. A few dabs here and there will leave you exposed. Take your time. Apply carefully, thoroughly and often.

Use insect repellant. Bug bites can lead to much worse than an annoying itch. This year, there are warnings about the increased risk of Lyme disease. While the mosquitoes at the cottage may be legendary, there’s just as big a risk from mosquitoes in any standing water anywhere, even small amounts, and from ticks in the park or on the beach. Cover up, spray well before you go out and check your body and clothes when you come inside.

water-1543166_1920Stay hydrated… and not with beer or creative cocktails, as refreshing as they might be. Water and plenty of it, is the beverage of health especially in hot, sticky weather. Dehydration, heat stress and stroke can be deadly. Make sure you get your eight glasses every day. Experts recommend water every 20 minutes when it’s extremely hot or you’re engaged in sports or chores. And make sure the people around you, especially children and the elderly, are drinking enough water too.

driving-407181_1920Take care of others – on the road and the water

Take extra care when you’re driving. There are simply more distractions this time of year – more hikers and bikers, kids playing, music blaring, or map-checking tourists slowing down to find their way. If you’re the biker or walker, remember the rules of the road apply to you too. When you ignore stop signs, don’t-walk signals or the one-way street, you put yourself and others at risk.

If you’re a regular at the cottage, pool or beach, of course you follow water-safety smarts when you swim, surf or boat. Just don’t assume your guests and companions have the same skills and good habits as you and your family. Take time to ensure everyone’s equipped.


Run Away

We’re not kidding. Find time to sit back, slow down and chill. Research shows people who take vacations have fewer heart attacks, headaches and backaches. They go back to work more energized and productive with a positive attitude that rubs off on everyone around them, including clients. And remember, a true vacation is more than a just a change of scenery. It means unplug, take yourself off ‘on call’ and escape, for whatever time you can manage, in whatever way gives you a boost. Remember, it’s summertime… the livin’ should be easy.

Health Insurance Logo_pink revised 2018These summertime tips are from Health Plus, our OAHI Member Insurance team.

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