Taking Care of Business… and Yourself

Wellness Moment Banner 28-08-2019


Never easy, sometimes it feels impossible, especially if you own a business, work freelance or on contract. Often there’s no back-up, no contingency cash, and no break in sight. And sadly, often no reality check that we’re neglecting our health and not immune to the risks.
friends-3042751_1920While there’s no generic, easy prescription for work-life balance, personal health habits that stick, or a healthy workplace, we can start with one simple idea: Time Out. Take a moment to take stock.
You know stress and overload can be dangerous. But are you really paying attention? Or are you just too busy to notice you’re irritable, less able to focus or make decisions, less caring, or simply not on top of your game? (Ask your family or friends to see what they say).

Maybe you’re not sleeping so well. Don’t assume it’s the caffeine or the neighbour’s dog. Ongoing poor-quality sleep, let alone full-on insomnia, can be a sign of depression, anxiety or burnout.

Stress can show up as aches and pains, frequent colds and bugs, and chronic low energy. Longer term, there’s no shortage of research linking stress and emotional issues to serious, life-threatening disease. Not to cite doom and gloom, we know you’re a strong and resilient bunch, but here’s the bottom line.
Wellness depends on recognizing that’s something out of whack before it brings you down.

cup-4456606_1920Take time out to honestly check in with yourself on how you’re feeling, mind and body. Even a few moments a day will make you more aware. Your business, your career, your circle depend on a healthy you. 
For more resources and a reality check about small business and mental health… https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/322591

This Wellness Moment is from Health Plus Insurance, our OAHI Member plan. Excellent health, dental, drug and travel health coverage at lower rates + Wellness Resources, no charge. Designed for business owners, contract workers and people who are self-employed. Only available from our broker. For details: healthplusinsurance.ca/OAHI • 877-218-0394  • info@healthplusinsurance.caHealth Insurance Logo_pink revised 2018

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