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Volunteer with OAHI and Save

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) is run by a volunteer board of directors and several committees.

To maintain and drive OAHI’s position as a leader in Ontario’s home inspection industry, we need more volunteers. The OAHI board has created incentives to help attract OAHI members who see a need for work to be done and for leadership in our profession.

Going forward, OAHI will discount any member’s annual membership fee by 50 per cent after one full year of service on one or more committees.

OAHI has been at the forefront of advancing the home inspection industry through education and advocacy. Most of this is done with the talent, expertise and commitment of volunteers. Your help is vital to OAHI’s success— and consequently the success of the industry. OAHI has many committees that can benefit from your service. Volunteering helps you too: See this blog post. You can also download this OAHI Committees info sheet. Contact oahi@oahi.com.

Sign up soon, participate consistently for a full year and get 50 per cent off your 2021 membership.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors.           

To those who do volunteer and contribute to OAHI’s growth and success, a heartfelt thank you.

Thank you,                          

Board of Directors

Ontario Association of Home Inspectors


Your Membership Committee has been hard at work an as such there are new Members Perks Plus partners: Coextro, Safety Express, and Telus. Watch your inbox for details about these offers. HUB International offers OAHI’s R.H.I. members a five per cent discount.

The established partners include Carson Dunlop, Mark’s Commercial, Staples, All-Risks Insurance, APPLICA / Home Wizard, BBTS Accountax Inc., Health Plus Insurance, HomeBinder and Strategic Partners. Detail are on the OAHI website.

Check out the latest blog post from Health Plus. If you have a suggestion for a Members Perks Plus partner, contact membershipcommittee@oahi.com.


Alternative Promotion Avenues No. 1 

By The Anonymous Home Inspector

We’re all looking for an edge in a competitive market, a way to get our name out there and keep it memorable. One of the easiest ways is your smartphone or tablet email signature. Why advertise for Samsung or Apple? I have many inspector friends that don’t use a personalized signature on their device, just the device’s stock phrase, “sent from my device.” The tech companies and telecoms know how to promote! We can learn from them.

The stock phrase is fine for your personal account but not for your business account. I use an iPhone so in ‘Settings’ I modified the signature to read “sent from my RH iphone.” I suggest adding your name, credentials (e.g., BSc., R.H.I.), company, contact information, website and social media handle(s), membership affiliations eg. ‘OAHI Member.’ It’s simple but effective.

Stay safe out there.

Send your ‘Build Your Business Tip’ to publicrelations@oahi.com.

If you have on the job safety tips, please send them to publicrelations@oahi.com.


Amr Serrag Eldin • SE Inspections Inc.

Q. Why did you decide to be a home inspector? 

All these reasons made me take the decision to be a home inspector.   

Q. How long have you been a home inspector? 

Since October 2018, so it is less than two years    

Q. How long have you been an OAHI member?  

      Less than two years.  

Q. Why did you decide to be an OAHI member? 

  1. The most recognized association in Ontario
  2. The benefits OAHI offers to members   

Q. What do you love most about being a home inspector?

It is a consultation job, people are hiring me to listen and learn, no arguments, I call what I see fairly.

Q. What is your home inspector superpower?

The customer service and satisfying the client, my inspection is like a teaching session.

Q. Favourite home inspection tool?

Electrical tester, powerful flashlight and moisture meter

Amr Serrag Eldin

Home Inspector

Send your OAHI member profile to publicrelations@oahi.com.



Please send us photos of the amusing “What Were They Thinking” items you come across during your home inspections (protect client’s privacy please) so we can share them here and online.

These #WWTT photos are from Bob Brander R.H.I. ACI, NCI of HomeCheckups – Residential Building and Property Inspections.

What is your favourite home inspection tool? Tells us about it and include a photo of yourself with the tool.


Celebrating a milestone? Let’s celebrate together— virtually of course: 20 years as an OAHI member, upgraded to R.H.I., 25th wedding anniversary etc. Send us a note and a photo.


Do you have news to share? Tell us about your Readers’ Choice Award, Chamber of Commerce Award etc. Please include photos.

Also fee free to send us photos of yourself wearing your safety gear: mask, gloves etc.

Send content to publicrelations@oahi.com.




Renewal Notice

If you have already renewed, thank you and please disregard this message.

Just a friendly reminder that your membership was up for renewal as of, July 1, 2020.

When renewing your membership, please take a minute to review your company information, here’s how.

From the ‘edit profile’ tab (upper right) Personal, Company and Contact information can be edited, this is what potential clients see on a oahi.com members search. Other documents such as certificates and transcripts can be entered by clicking the ‘My Membership’ tab on main members’ page, scrolling to the bottom of the ‘check list’ and browsing for documents to upload. Unfortunately, the system does not notify the office once documents have been uploaded. Kindly send a quick email notifying the office of the documents uploaded to your page: oahi@oahi.com.

Please contact the office if any assistance is required.

If you would like to review some of the Members Perks that the Membership committee has negotiated for you, please visit Members Perks Program page to find out what savings are available for all OAHI members in good standing.

We would like to remind all members that it is only OAHI, R.H.I. members that are given the exclusive right to use the designation of R.H.I. (Registered Home Inspector) by Bill Pr158 of 1994.

Wear it proudly.

Let’s continue to build the OAHI into the biggest and best association of home inspectors in Canada.

We thank you for your continued contribution with the association and look forward to another year!

Thank you in advance,

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors

Nicole Proietti

OAHI Registrar

“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.