OAHI Inspection Connection Nov. 16, 2020


OAHI Inspection Connection Nov. 16, 2020


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Members Perks Plus Survey

Please complete this survey in regards to the Members Perks Plus program. Your feedback will assist us in making the program better suited for your needs. (Check your email from OAHI; the survey is in the newsletter).


Please send us (publicrelations@oahi.com) photos of the amusing “What Were They Thinking” items you come across during your home inspections (protect client’s privacy please) so we can share them here and online. Please include captions and why the defect is a problem

What is your favourite home inspection tool? Tell us about it and include a photo of yourself with the tool: publicrelations@oahi.com.


Celebrating a milestone? Let’s celebrate together— virtually of course: 20 years as an OAHI member, upgraded to R.H.I., 25th wedding anniversary etc. Send us a note and a photo.


Do you have news to share? Tell us about your Readers’ Choice Award, Chamber of Commerce Award etc. Please include photos.

Send content to publicrelations@oahi.com.


Look yourself up

With all of the online platforms entrepreneurs are expected to be on, it can be hard to remember where your business and name appear.

That’s why it’s good periodically to do an online search for your name and business name and update information accordingly. Have you upgraded your OAHI membership to R.H.I.? Make sure your online presence reflects that. Add awards, new skills, certifications, and services and delete services you no longer offer. Have you changed your business address, website, contact information etc.? Time for an update so potential customers can find you. Fix broken links. Is your headshot 10 years old? Replace it. Don’t forget to check social media sites, and community organizations.

The more accurate and authentic your online presence is, the more useful it will be.


Responsibility and Safety of Working Alone

We often think of a home inspector going into a new environment going through those routine checks. When the job is over, they go home to their friends and family. Except what if one day they don’t? Working alone is something that is part of the job, but how we approach this is the important part.  Always make sure somebody knows where you are and what time you will return. Have someone with you if it is possible who could be the agent or client, seller, or a co-worker. Make sure you answer your phone or messages and respond when being checked on. This is just one example of how a simple safety measure such as communication can save your life.

This safety tip has been provided by Safety Training and Consulting Services Ltd.

Send your ‘Build Your Business’ Tip to publicrelations@oahi.com.

If you have on the job safety tips, please send them to publicrelations@oahi.com.


New notices have been posted. Click here.


Tarion Feedback Request

Tarion is seeking public input on a proposed updated home enrolment fee schedule I under the new home warranty and protection program. 

Tarion is proposing lower enrolment fees to reflect our continued role in administering warranty and protection coverage when the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) is designated as the new regulator of new home builders and vendors under the New Home Construction Licensing Act, 2017. For more information on the proposed changes, please click here. To submit feedback completing the online survey by Nov. 25, 2020.


As you are all aware, renewals were July 1, 2020.

At this time, I would like to say thank you to all that have renewed, we appreciate your continued involvement!

If you have not renewed and need assistance on doing so, please do not hesitate to reach out by email: oahi@oahi.com or phone: 416-256-0960.

I hope you are continuing to keep and well during these times.

Nicole Proietti


Ontario Association of Home Inspectors